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October 17, 2011

SERIES: 10 Reasons Why an iPhone is an Invaluable Business Tool #8

8. It's a Camera Too - and a GOOD one

A point-n-shoot with GREAT photos
 Again, don't think in linear fashion here. If you do, you won't really see the need for a camera on your phone. But again, this has really become invaluable to me. I don't have time to go out and photograph the places I want to paint. I just don't have that kind of time. My iPhone camera ensures that I don't miss inspiration when it hits. In my travels (and without fail) I pass through some beautiful spot and whip out my handy dandy phone to capture the moment. Almost every single painting I have done has been of a shot I took with my phone. I don't bother to go print them out full size - I have a docking station in my studio and use the tiny little photos as guidelines for my sketches. It makes my life sooooooooooooo much easier. And like i said - now that I have this - I don't miss a trick. And I don't have to "find the time" to go photograph the places that inspire me. When I get enough of them, I simply sync the phone to my PC and all my photos are downloaded to a folder which I access anytime I want. I've painted some scenes from my phone 6-8 months AFTER I took the photo! And the quality is nothing short of spectacular so if you are thinking it's just a dinky little camera - don't fool yourself. Apple gives a breakdown of the powerhouse contained in this nano-camera! In short, get rid of your point & shoot - you don't need it. You've got this.