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October 13, 2011

A Letter from the Commonwealth

Official letters always look intimidating; not this one!
There is no denying the fact that when you are serving others (my goal is spreading happiness) freely and without expectation and you LOVE doing it - wondrous things happen. Mountains move, the heavens quake and lightening strikes. My life has been the perfect illustration of this universal law. And each time I've practiced my life from this perspective, I've seen epic growth as a person and movement in my life that is nothing short of astounding. Outward signs have always arrived like giant billboards which seem to say, "Yes! That's right!" Today was another of those days.

There was a gigantic official looking envelope in the mail today. I admit I had a moment of confusion. I wasn't expecting anything official. So imagine my surprise when I read the letter inside and realized it was simply an expression of thanks. State Representative Kim Ferguson was moved by my work and sent me a lovely letter telling me as much and wishing me continued success. Thank you, Ms. Ferguson! It was both humbling and validating to know that the work I do really reaches people. So much so that a busy person such as yourself would take time out to just simply send a letter of gratitude and support. I love that I was a bright spot for someone all the way up on Capital Hill! I hope I can continue and show a small thanks for all you do.