Object Dar't

October 24, 2011

Billboards Along the Road of Life..

Life has an odd way of validating that you are on the right road. I think I've learned through my experience of evolving into an artist (and through HINDSIGHT!) that there is soooo much to the adage, "Go with the flow." The validations are part of that flow and seem like billboards telling you along the way, "yes, you were meant to be doing this. Now keep moving!"

I wish I'd understood this much sooner in my life. It probably would have saved me a lot of headaches. I remember when I was first starting up my own web design company back in the 90's. What a struggle. Which don't get me wrong - that's life. But in looking back, I recall now that there were no validations along the way. It was just endless struggle with little or no progress. I probably should have given up much sooner but I'm hard headed like that. If I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have done it at all. Because I understand now that no matter how hard you try or bust your bottom working for something - if it wasn't meant to be then it just won't happen. It's funny to me really of how many times life was trying to teach me this. I tried 3 times to become a nurse! LOL I'm not a nurse. I was never meant to be a nurse. And yet I wasted so much of my time, effort and life trying to force it. *shaking my head* 

The good news is that I "get it" now. Once I let go and just went with the flow, I wound up  here. Which is a very happy and satisfying place to be. And while there have been MANY validations in a short period of time, the most recent was jaw dropping. I received a letter from State Representative, Kimberly Ferguson which simply complimented me on my work and congratulated me on my success. It arrived in a very official looking envelope on State letterhead and she even laminated the article that ran on me in the Landmark. I'll be honest - I spent DAYS trying to figure that one out. Then I just accepted it for what it was - a beautiful billboard telling me that I'm on the right road and to keep on going. And so I shall!

A huge THANK YOU to Kimberly Ferguson for her kindness and the part she has played in being a billboard for me.