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October 9, 2011

SERIES: 10 Reasons Why an iPhone is an Invaluable Business Tool #1

 It's funny - I didn't know a silly little thing like a smartphone would evolve into a vital piece of equipment for my business as an artist. I was always of the mindset that cell phones were pretentious and that people who owned them were horrifically obnoxious (talking on their phone in their car instead of driving or answering calls while speaking with me). And I only succumbed to having a cell phone because as my children got older, they stopped going everywhere with me and I needed a way to reach them. The joke is on me because truth be told - my business would not have survived never mind flourish without my iPhone. The uses and benefits are innumerable so I've decided to run a series of the Top 10 Reasons Why an iPhone is an Invaluable Business Tool for Artists.

1. It's a Traveling Portfolio
The camera stores images in a photo album

Bar none, this has been the most surprising benefit to me. Inevitably, wherever I go, someone mentions that I'm an artist. Which is ALWAYS followed by, "Oh really? What kind of art?" Now you know darn well that simply telling someone that you paint watercolors is not going to give them an accurate understanding of exactly what you do. My iPhone evolved into a solution to that problem. I had been taking photos of my work to share online and remembered that they were still on my phone. So I took it out and said, "This is what I paint." As the person scrolled through my portfolio, a great conversation ensued after which point, I directed them to my website and Facebook page.
quickly peruse your images to show

Seriously - I couldn't have bought that kind of direct marketing even if I'd wanted to. It was so effective that now my entire portfolio travels around with me wherever I go and I've used it innumerable times! See a demonstration here of what the photo album looks like.