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October 10, 2011

SERIES: 10 Reasons Why an iPhone is an Invaluable Business Tool #2

2. It's a Credit Card Machine!
There are a host of plug-in processors!

This is HUGE for the emerging artist! I mean HUGE! Do you hear me? HUGE, HUGE, HUGE! I can't count how many times over the past year that I've heard artists complain about lost sales at craft fairs, etc due to customers not carrying enough cash. The difference this makes is absolutely and unequivocally indisputable. The proof for me was my recent gig - a little tiny art function in Princeton called Hey Day. The entire event saw only 600 people - a fraction of which entered the barn to view the artwork. And yet I netted sales in 5 hours that surpassed my show which was up for 2 entire months!!!

The person signs with their fingertip!
 According to Merchant Juice, there are actually 38 Credit Card apps for the iPhone! There's no shortage of solutions here and it's got the traditional Credit Card merchants on the run.

Credit card processors for the phone are low-cost (or not cost) and so easy to use that even a monkey could do it. Receipts are sent by email (PERFECT for capturing folks for your mailing list) to both buyer and seller. Deposits are made directly to your bank account generally within 48 hours. Weekend sales will see a slight delay - usually posting on Tuesday. If you are an artist who is tired of starving, then you need to step it up and take your business seriously. You ARE a business and as such you need to have the ability to accept all forms of payment - not just cash. In addition, the professionalism factor here is epic. Customers considering your work (especially collectors) are looking at you with a critical eye. The more professional you appear, the more confidence the customer has in your abilities which translates into you being a more viable investment for them than the hobby artist at the next table! So what are you waiting for? Get your butt in gear - go get one of the merchant accounts and watch your sale increase exponentially!