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October 11, 2011

SERIES: 10 Reasons Why an iPhone is an Invaluable Business Tool #3

3. It Keeps You Uber-Organized

The iPhone Calendar
 This is a beautiful thing to behold for a scatter-brained artist. I note every appointment on my Calendar as expected but there's an added benefit to my Calendar use. I use it to structure my days and weeks with regard to my "work" schedule. Part of being a successful artist, is viewing what you do as a job. So each day is broken down for me into routine (with little alarms!) which tell me what I should be working on throughout my day.

A perfect example is today! Tuesday is an editorial day for my blog. I have committed to carving out the time on Tuesdays to post to my blog which is very much a marketing tool. My Calendar reminded me this morning so I can't forget or overlook it. Each calendar entry also has a note field where you can put in extra information regarding the event. For Hey Day, I put in all the details I was provided by the PAS as to set up, when, where, who to see, etc.

This has also proven invaluable because several times I've had appointments out of town where I didn't know where I was going and got lost. The address was there along with materials I needed to bring and the persons phone number. So a quick call to let them know I was a bit lost got me navigated in and ensured that my appointment was not a lost cause. Although the stock Calendar works wonderfully for me, there are other Calendars available through iTunes as apps. iPhoneness offers a breakdown and overview of some.

On Sundays, I give myself an overview of what my week looks like and since my phone is always with me - when I book appointments, I can see in an instant if I'm available. In a nutshell, it's a little DIY secretary.