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July 31, 2010

Ceramic Activity

Ok..since this IS a blog on creativity, my first "How To" is a ceramics activity. I recently taught a class at the local ceramics shop using an inlay technique which is an EASY project. It will not overload anyone who has fears about not being very creative. Think of it as testing the waters with a toe!

You can purchase bisque pieces at local craft shops but for this activity, I suggest a local ceramics studio since they will have both the glazes AND kiln that you will need to fire your piece. Check your local listing for a Clay Painting studio!


1 ceramic bisque item (NOT GREENWARE).
2 different colors of ceramic glaze
1 or more scrapbooking paper (cardstock ONLY) flourishes from Sizzix, Cricut, etc
1 paint brush
1 bowl of water (preferably flat)
Newspaper to protect your work area


1.  Select 2 paint colors for your ceramic. In this case, I chose pink and brown.

2.  Decide where you would like to apply your stencil and ensure it will fit. Make any modifications to the stencil by snipping off excess. Set aside. 

3.  Paint 3 coats of your base color on the areas where you will be placing your stencil. Allow to dry completely (use hair dryer to speed process)

Soak your stencil

4.  Soak your paper stencil in water for a few moments to soften slightly.

Pat the stencil down with a wet brush

5.  With caution, lay the stencil on top of the base coat and with a damp brush, pat down firmly. Check to ensure all the edges have adhered. If needed, use your finger tips to press firmly.


6.  Paint 3 coats of your top color. Allow to dry.
Use pin to  lift flourish

7.  With a pin or your finger nail, gently work one of the edges of your stencil up and begin to GENTLY peel the stencil off. Do not worry about slightly jagged edges.

Peel carefully!

You can use a petite brush to fill in any voids of paint.

 8. Fire your piece!

*Please note: this technique will work with acrylic paints but your ceramic will not be food safe AND you will have greater difficulty in removing the stencil.