Object Dar't

July 11, 2010

even produce is inspiring!

a few weeks ago, my neighbor Jane began planting her garden. and it reminded me of that nursery rhythm “how does your garden grow?” i jotted it down on paper and played with the font style but then my relationship with it sort of ended so I put it aside. Then the other day, Jane, was in her little patch-o-produce watering and plucking weeds when we were coming home from swimming. of course i had to stop and chat. what was unexpected was that my close-up view revealed that her garden had developed! and honestly it was just lovely. i admit i have a “thing” for nature and especially the symmetry of farm crops but that little garden just stirred something in it. so i came home and knew that my relationship with “how does your garden grow” was back on again. i pulled it out and suddenly there was a fence and corn and the words because plants with roots. it felt so gooooooood when it was done because i get a lot of satisfaction when i feel that i’ve completed a relationship with one of my pieces. i’m proud of the fact that i can be patient and wait for the rest of a sketch to be revealed and i’m even prouder that my connection to the creative source is so strong and efficient that i can allow such a process to happen! it’s gooooooooood (from Bruce Almighty). Anyway..it’s again not anything professional but it’s definitely a respectable practice piece. i admit though; i’m really looking forward to the day when i know that my skill and creativity were at optimal! hahahah