Object Dar't

July 11, 2010

ruh roh..i feel a new obsession coming on..

today was the 2nd day of summer and thus i had to play “activities director” for the kids.  luckily, my friend beth wanted to come visit with her 4 kids and we trotted the whole entourage down to the just clayin’ around studio in town.  i find these types of places – where i can be creative too instead of just a monitor – a lot more rewarding for all of us since it allows me to get out my inner energy too. while the kids painted whatever bisque piece they had chosen, i asked the owner if i could play with her clay and instinctively began making a coil pot.  i’m dying of curiosity to know whether the pot will hold together through firing. and while coil pottery may not have the finesse of smooth bisque and the high style of a molded piece, i honestly appreciate the more organic natural form the pots take on. that is provided they’re decorated and not just a plain looking coil pot. while i wasn’t over the moon with what i had created, i do believe that i feel a clay obsession coming on! could it be that all my unfinished drawings will sit and collect dust like the furniture in my garage? aaaagh!