Object Dar't

July 18, 2010

the 31-day-baby-blogging-challenge!

ok..i admit i'm something of an over-achiever. i signed up to take a 31-day blogger challenge with SITS starting on the 19th but i "cheated" and started 2 days early. that's what happens when someone with A.D.D gets the workbook in advance! i stayed up until 1am and familiarized myself with the first 3 challenges. and the strangest thing happened along the way to the proverbial forum!

my tween daughter was coming to kiss me goodnight and inquired about what i was reading. which sparked something utterly divine. it began a conversation between us that inspired us both. what unfold was the decision by my daughter to start her own blog! in our conversation, she began to realize that she really has something important and valuable to share with other young girls. Especially those with A.D.D. who are experiencing similar difficulties navigating their way through both puberty and A.D.D. you can't imagine how shocked i was and am!and proud!

whatever is to come of it doesn't matter much to me. what is important is that this strange turn of events may be her divine purpose gently unfolding. with internet safety in mind, we've decided that we'll make a blog for her today and together take the Blogger Challenge. as i sit on the edge of this event, i can see so many benefits to my tween having a blog:

  1. it's a perfect way for her to develop her writing skills without it having to be a burden like homework
  2. it will provide her with a consistent creative outlet which A.D.D. children desperately need
  3. it will give her the feeling that she is adding something to the world at a time when she still feels so small and insignificant
  4. it will serve as a sort of diary which can later provide insight into her own person and life
  5. it's an EXCELLENT way for her to get objective feedback from followers that she wouldn't ordinarily get in real life
  6. it's a safe way to explore who she is, what she really believes and what she is capable of doing well.
  7. it's a self-esteem booster especially for an A.D.D. kid whose life is mostly filled with constant corrections (behavioral or otherwise!)

so to all you blogging mom's out there with A.D.D. tweens and a bit of time on your hands (to be able to monitor ANd guide!), consider taking your tween under your blogging wing to see if they can fly! in fact, why not consider taking a blogger challenge with them?