Object Dar't

August 1, 2010

new site design...

I'm a typical artist, I know. I can't live long term (what the rest of the world considers short term! lol) with things staying the same; ESPECIALLY my surrounding. I look at my blog every day so it's like my living room. Once a month, I have to rearrange the furniture and accessories. I'd redo the whole stinkin room if I could accomplish it in a couple hours but repainting walls is time consuming and messy. NOT SO WITH A BLOG THOUGH! muwahahahahah

Last night at 2am, I unleashed the new design and color scheme. Gone is the red which was starting to make me anxious. Here's a color sample of the old design:

Now I'm looking to do my market research so if you've stumbled upon this post, I'm hoping your a chatty person who'll take a moment to help a stranger out. I have a few questions which can be simply answered in a comment (see below for the "comment" option). You have absolute amnesty in this department as I am sincerely seeking feedback from strangers and NOT "Yes-Men." I totally want you to be BRUTALLY honest!

1. if you couldn't read the site (like maybe you speak Mandarin Chinese), would the site still convey to you that it is an "artistic" site?
2. is the site too cluttered with buttons and gadgets for your taste?
3. did you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the site? If not, can you please tell me how far you scrolled (please do this by the # of posts you scrolled past)
4. did the site make you feel curious enough to explore more here? If not, WHY not?
5. does the subject of art & creativity interest you at all? if so - what areas??
6. did any (or all) of the ads distract or annoy you? if so, which ones?