Object Dar't

July 16, 2010

what the heck IS success?

i'm excited! i'm in this chrysalis phase and it's really intense. i've made some major life changes and i'm making some daring choices and i'm commiting myself to some things i'd only dreamed of before. some people might say i'm being reckless, i think i'm just being fearless. first i dared to declare myself an artist. and now i'm committing to taking some sort of blogger challenge. it's laughable!! but my intention is to create a great blog as a work of art just the same as i do any doodle, drawing or painting. probably some people are taking the challenge to grow their blog into a "success." truthfully, i'm not doing it to successful but i am trying to succeed at it. i want to do what i was born to do (whatever God created me to do!) and do it well. i want to continue to be inspired AND BE inspiring. so if there's only 1 person following my blog but they're feeling inspiration and gaining something from my work - and bounce it back - than that to me would feel like success! i admit though that i find it a little confusing that culturally success seems to equate to money and popularity. i have neither of those things right now. lol and yet i'm still standing and i'm still happy! maybe i'm supposed to feel badly about myself because i have neither of those? so i'm left wondering..what if the cultural definition of success is way off base? what is succcess really? maybe you can tell me your definition of success and if you've acheived it?

the stairs to success?