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March 22, 2011

Mountainside Market

I finally finished my Mountainside Market painting! I did the painting because, thanks to the owner Jill Zelley, I will be having my very first "Solo Show" there in October. The market is a lovely "little slice of California" tucked into the hills that surround Wachusett Mountain. The little road winds past the Market and meanders through the hills as depicted in the painting.

Mountainside Market

They have both a restaurant AND a market with an unusual atmosphere that just begs you to "hang out." It is a place that I have enjoyed having lunch with friends by the fire with kids in tow (VERY kid friendly with sofa, toys and food!) So I admit that this painting was done with both love and appreciation - and I think it shows.

My show at Mountainside Market begins October 1st. There will be an Opening Reception and wine tasting for the event. I hope to see you there!