Object Dar't

March 9, 2011

If you don't stretch to reach just a little..

Well tomorrow is D-day. For every artist, this is where the rubber really meets the road; the first juried group or exhibit means an artist has the audacity to throw their hat into the professional ring. A local group of professionals artisans which make up the Holden Art Ride (http://www.artrideholden.com)

are having a member drive tomorrow. It's juried, meaning they review samples of your work and spend a bit of time getting to know you. If you pass muster, you're in. I'm going for it and why not? What's the worst that could happen? I'll hear "No, thank you." I've never died from being told no and I've experienced plenty of rejection over the years. And I'm still standing. In fact I've come to suspect the universe/God/whatever throws the occasional "no" in there just to make sure I REALLY want what I'm trying to get. So ok, bring it on.
I've collected 4 paintings as samples of my work and crafted an Artist Statement (which apparently you need in order to be seriously considered). I've done all the leg-work (a.k.a. preparation) and to quote the old adage, "Success is when preparation meets opportunity." So tomorrow I'll trot off to meet opportunity. Wish me luck!

Here's the copy of my new Artist Statement


denyse dar
   Watercolor Artist


Painting has become my “down the rabbit hole”; my looking glass.

It started with a Scherenschnitte hybrid of my own creation. I would paint abstract florals then hand-cut negative spaces around the subject. It was a mindless relief from motherhood and domesticity but I confess I was not emotionally connected to my work at that time.

I then went through what I call my “White Rabbit” phase. A time when all my worry about the precarious world around me came rushing out. Giant mandalas and Aztec-like images filled with worry and angst sprang from me. Every piece was like labor but necessary to birth so that the path for my creativity could be cleared. Once this rabbit ran down the rabbit hole, my own artistic voice was revealed. And with each painting, my voice has become stronger, clearer and louder like Alice confronting the Queen of Hearts.

My themes are often the places around me; all I see here in my little Wonderland. The colors I choose are instinctive and seem to communicate the love and happiness I truly feel for this place. While I have always painted these scenes simply for my own pleasure, it has been shocking to see that my creations seem to resonate deeply with viewers and evoke joyful, happy emotion in them. I am both humbled and honored to give joy to others through my artwork.   


Petersham Craft Center, 2010-present
Princeton Arts Society, 2010-present
Rutland Art Co-op, 2010 (founder)


Petersham Craft Center, Petersham, MA
Revived Relics, West Boylston, MA