Object Dar't

March 20, 2011

Jumping off a cliff into the great unknown

Well this week will see my first foray into an Arts Festival. I will have 3 painting on exhibit (and for sale) at the Grafton Arts Festival 2011 which is being held March 25th through March 27th at the Grafton Municipal Building (30 Providence Road). The Friday night reception is from 7pm to 9pm when guests will be able to meet the artists and purchase art if they so desire. Wine and hors d'ouevres will be served.

I'll be honest; I'm pretty excited. I couldn't care less if any of my work sells. I'm just excited because this is obviously the first step to wherever this crazy "life as an artist" staircase leads. Life generally tries not to freak you out by throwing anything huge at you straight out of the gate. So my thought is that if this first step is an Art Festival, then later steps will only be bigger and more challenging!

I'm also encouraged because it's wonderful chance to get real feedback. I'm most interested in being able to see the reaction and response from art lovers that are strangers to me. I ADORE my friends but let's be honest - they love me so they are partial to what you do. It's like your Dad telling you that you're beautiful even though you are cross-eyed with a really bad case of acne. But complete strangers don't care! They'll have no problem talking about the good, the bad and the ugly right to your face. So really, it's smart to do this kind of market research since these are literally the people who would spend their money on "art."

Anyway, after I've gotten my education this weekend in how to set up, what to bring and what to do at an Arts Festival - I'll post for anyone in the future who like me is clueless. :D


for more information about the Grafton Arts Festival, visit their website at GRAFTON ARTS FESTIVAL 2011