Object Dar't

August 5, 2011


The time has finally come! My first solo show is here. Tomorrow afternoon at 3pm, is the Opening Reception for my "DARing Color" show at the Mountainside Market in Princeton. It promises to be fun and funky - just like my artwork. My friends, Kale and Dave Getman, will be playing live music with their band, The Wagon Wheels. And MSM will be serving Cat & Dog wines. The weather forecast is showing perfect temperatures and clear skies. I couldn't ask for any better for my first show (or even my last for that matter.)

I have to be honest though, there's a part of me that is scared stiff. The "first" of anything usually gives a human being the jitters so I know I'm not unusual in this aspect. Artwork is intensely personal so having out there on display is intense. But I'm also terrifically excited. It all feels like I'm embarking on a new life! A life that I have created for myself. In my 20's and 30's, much of my life was adapted to fit around the world that surrounded me - people I loved, jobs I held, etc. So it feels amazing to be 40+ and survey my life to see that the world around me has adapted to ME. Not only that but that the world did it willingly!! lol Ironic really given the number of years I wrestled and struggled. I'm sure someday hindsight will be 20/20 and I'll figure out how this came to be but for the moment, I want to believe that it is the natural byproduct of letting go and just doing what feels right to the heart - world be damned.

I have to acknowledge that many hands have carried me this past year. There have been so MANY people - some friends, some complete strangers (that I now call friend) - who just seemed to sweep up behind me and push me along whether I wanted to move or not. In my mind, I was just goofing around enjoying myself and the mental break from the 24/7 job of "Mother". Other people just seemed to have a different idea about what I was doing. They took it far more seriously than I did and it took quite a bit for them to convince me. Thank God they did.   

I'd like to also thank Jill Zelley for loving my work so much that she would reach out to a complete stranger (me) to invite them to have their own show. I'm honored, grateful and truly humbled that my work resonated with her so much that she used exclamation points after almost every sentence. She has literally changed my life and I hope someday I can put those exclamation points into her life.

I hope to see you tomorrow to share a good time, deep belly laughs and some wacky paintings!