Object Dar't

January 8, 2011


I admit - I'm wired different than other folks. I seem to not only be oblivious to so much of the big picture of life, but lots of times I just don't comprehend what is terribly fundamental for the people around me. Conversely, I'm also tuned into the fine frequency of life. Lately, that fine frequency has left me the understanding that I'm in some sort of transition. As usual (and with much apprehension), I have gone with my visceral urge to follow - probably the same way a caterpillar feels the urge to weave its chrysalis. Every time I'm in this state, I reflect upon the past and worry about the future. Where am I going? What should I do? I never get the answers and I don't have any answers now but what is interesting is that I can see the transition this time because I paint now! I don't have a lot of words for it and really, it just is what it is. There probably isn't a need to put a name on it or define it or even to have an explanation. Growth is growth. But here is my growth on paper. :)