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January 8, 2011

December Circle Journal

So the December Circle Journal arrived. The owner, Corine, chose the theme "Faith in Every Footstep" for her journal. It's a beautiful suede 8x8 album with magnetic closure. 

December Circle Journal

Corine's introduction

 Sherri did a beautiful and intensely colored 2-page spread expressing her faith. And she says she's not an artist. BAH!
Sherri's entry


 Rosanna's entry is beautiful and feminine - as usual!

Rosanna's entry
 My entry begins here..I decided to use a title page this time as I'm starting to see a trend in the journals - the transition from one artist to another has blurred. A title page with a bit of info (name, date, etc) seemed like an easy solution!

 Corine provided Bazil irridescent paper (8x8) for us to journal upon. As it turns out it accepts watercolor VERY well and gave the added benefit of making the watercolors glittery! Nice effect that I think I'm going to use in the future.

I pulled out the paper so you could see the shimmery quality
My inspiration for my journal entry is an old song I love, entitled "I believe" by Frankie Laine. It so old that probably only your grandparents know it. But it sticks in my head because the words are true for me.