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October 3, 2010

Where my heart is..

So today, as fall officially announced itself (by requiring HEAT in the house), I felt the urge to come closer to home. Boston is and will always be a fascination for me. I have amazing memories as a kid growing up with regularly scheduled visits to Boston. It's changed a lot in 30 years with many historic buildings having been demolished (to my chagrin) but still retains many of the elements that were magical to me as a child. The King's Chapel gives me goosebumps and the old City Hall puts a fire in my belly. Walking the Old Granary Burying Ground  where the likes of Paul Revere and John Hancock stir the senses and bring the mind backward to what you stand for as an American. But my favorite will forever and always be Boston Common. The beautiful gardens, statues, floral scapes and my first love; the bridge. Which was the subject of my painting this time. I didn't do it justice but it's my interpretation. 
Boston Common Bridge