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September 27, 2010

A little bit of Paris at UMASS

Recently I had to undergo surgery so I spent 3 days in the hospital. I'd like to say a GIGANORMOUS thank you to the staff at UMASS - my surgical team, Dr. Kelly, the interns, Kathy and Mrs. J in Recovery, Mercy my CNA, and everyone else; You made it not only bearable but actually entertaining! And fortunately, I brought my art supplies with me to keep my busy because 3 days in a hospital can be long. I used the opportunity wisely though and wrapped up a few projects that were "laying in wait." (which was such an odd curiosity to the hospital staff. LOL)

As previously posted, I received Rosanna's Circle Journal so I had to follow through with my commitment to add to it. And I admit, in the 2 weeks I'd had it, I hadn't felt inspired. Usually things come to me but Rosanna's Circle Journal seemed to be an inspirational black hole for me. It might have been just all the craziness of preparing for surgery and finishing up my Shabby Chic furniture that made my muse go mute but she perked back up at UMASS! lol

My personal page in Rosanna's Circle Journal
In addition, I did a watercolor of the view if Worcester from my window of the hospital. The trees are turning and I couldn't help but try to capture the moment for her. Since she lives in Florida, I thought she'd appreciate the scene.

Paris on My Mind
Then I commenced to what I REALLY wanted to be doing...my painting of Paris. I'd sketched it a month earlier while at my friend Lisa's house and it had been patiently waiting for me in my sketchbook. I love that feeling I get when I am connected to my creativity. It just feels SO good. And even though it's something that "flows through me", I still find that bits of the goodness are left behind in me even after the process has ended. Maybe someday on the other side of life, I'll come to understand what all this "artsy" stuff was but in the meantime I'm just blindly going with the unseen and feeling really good as a result.

So as always, I'd like to encourage you to go out on a limb and get creative. As you can see from this entry - it doesn't have to be painting or drawing!