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September 4, 2010

Circle Journal Time!

So today I received my 2nd Circle Journal and I'm so excited! I joined in a Circle Journal 2 months ago with the Blue Frog Legs forum (with 11 other ladies) and this is the second one. For those of you who don't know what a circle journal is:

Circle Journal - A project where a group of scrapbookers/crafter/artists get together and each make a journal in their own style and theme (such as "Last Christmas" or "my best friend") which is then passed around the circle and each must add a page or two of thoughts, ideas and designs to everyone else's journal.
Think of it like musical chairs only played with journals being the things that go around instead of people.

So the journal I received today was from Rosanna Hope of BabyBonBons

Rosanna had Etsy seller Heather fashion a custom journal for her to pass around. Cudos to Heather because it is nothing short of spectacular! In fact, I'm going to order one for my family history album!

The album theme is "Passion" and I selected some items from the "Give n Take" envelope. I honestly can't wait to sit down with them!
The Grab Envelope!

My selection!

I won't be able to follow up with the pages I create because we've all agreed to keep it secret but hopefully when they are all done, everyone will post pics of what they got!

So far it's been an exciting adventure and it reminds me of being a little girl again who couldn't wait to receive mail addressed to her! LOL