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June 29, 2011

The Winner of "Name that Work"

I recently painted something that had me stumped. I had no idea what it was I painted or why. I've learned not to question certain things because it only puts you on a mental hampster wheel you can't get off. So I just went with it. Because I have a lot of friends who have a secret desire to be artistic (and as a means of encouraging them!), I posted the painting like I usually do only this time I solicited for a name for the painting. Seriously - how can name what you don't know? Four very clever people came up with such good names that I couldn't decide. Here are the names & authors:

"Pathways" by Lisa Sickler Longendyke
"Traversant" by Sherri Stakes
"Earth Traveler" by Bruce Martelli
"The Great Divide" by Jennifer Baum

Earth Traveler by Denyse Dar

How do you pick one of THOSE?? My solution? I wrote them down on pieces of paper, tossed them in a bowl and plucked one out. It's always a good thing when you let fate decide! ;) I was so impressed and honestly, I loath having to name my work. I'm a girl who clearly think in terms of pictures, not words. But it made me realize that it's such a joy having others participate in my creative process. I'm always alone in my studio when I'm painting and rather than just having my work be something passive for others - why not let them participate in whatever ways they can? So...I've decided to keep doing this. I'll have a "Name that Work" contest (lol) every time I finish a piece and let others imaginations run wild with it. So watch my Facebook page ( http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100002173211407) for future contests and join in the fun. Maybe I'll even give away some prints as prizes for folks who participate. Now that'd REALLY up the fun factor ;)

So without any more blah blah, I'd like to announce the winner of my very first "Name that Work" contest! Many thanks to Bruce Martelli, who suggested "Earth Traveler" as a title! Great job Bruce, you are welcome to pick a print of any of my work as a thanks for your help.